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Club singles and doubles rules

Club singles and doubles rules


Playing plenty of competitive games at the club. Good to learn about the more serious aspects to the game.

The guys at the club take their singles (and doubles) seriously. Very competitive and some good players to compete with. Also, its good for me to brush up some technicalities like serving and general play rules. Have been told off once or twice for not toss ball up with flat palm / 4 fingers out etc. Good to be told and to learn how to play the game the right way. 



I have been playing Table Tennis since an early age. My father David was my inspiration and introduced me to the sport. He played at a high level, and never gave me much of a chance during our games at the local leisure center. I reckon I can beat him now. Like my Dad, my favourite shot is the backhand flick - which is where I get the nickname 'mattflix' from. I play at my local club, Peter Masen Table Tennis Academy in Maroubra. My challenge is, as always, to improve the all important forehand.