Great win at the annual Australia Square Building Competition. Mixture of players from different businesses in the building took part, levels a little mixed but was tough coming into the semi and final.


Won my first competition in years, beating the mighty Xian Zhang in the final of the Australia Square building competition. Won a nice little Rebel Sports voucher, but the glory meant much more. Great match, took it 3-1. Close start with Xian hitting lots of heavy top spins, but I was able to counter attack with firm blocks or flicks off my backhand. Xian weakness seemed to be against slower pace, heavy low back spinners. So I tried to play slow, then attack when got frustrated and popped the ball up. The last game was fairly easy, Xian started making some unforced errors. Table tennis is all in the head, luckily I was able to get on top of him with some steady but spinny table tennis.

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  • I have been playing Table Tennis since an early age. My father David was my inspiration and introduced me to the sport. He played at a high level, and never gave me much of a chance during our games at the local leisure center. I reckon I can beat him now. Like my Dad, my favourite shot is the backhand flick - which is where I get the nickname 'mattflix' from. I play at my local club, Peter Masen Table Tennis Academy in Maroubra. My challenge is, as always, to improve the all important forehand.